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TOKION Magazine, pics from TFS

Cult icon Chloë Sevigny is Living proof that the nineties are here to stay.

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因為駕訓班的關係, 我和差三歲半的弟弟每天都要早起練車

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Woman: "The illusion of effortlessness requires a great effort indeed. "


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Chloe Sevigny:
"I’m hoping one day I’ll be [laughs], this sounds silly, but you know how Wes Anderson hires Anjelica Huston in all of his movies?
Maybe when I’m an older woman there’ll be some hot young director that’ll go, ‘Remember that girl who was big in the 90’s?’ And hire me."

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每次有人問我喜歡亞森羅蘋還是福爾摩斯的時候, 我都會回答亞森羅蘋:
1. 我家只有一本亞森羅蘋的書[附上插畫]; 我的大學同學家裏都有這兩人的全集
2. 亞森羅蘋是法國人

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