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首先先介紹一下汀姊最近的新片:Nowhere Boys

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Confessions of a Shopaholic


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但是卻鍾情於英倫冷冰冰代表: 莉絲汀史考特湯瑪斯

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Playful Chloë 
by Federico Sarica

Fourteen years and eleven months have gone by since that November 7th, 1994. When, through tha pages of The New Yorker, author Jay MeInerney introduced Chloë Sevigny to the world. In his eight-page article he described her as, amongst other things, "the coolest girl in the world". He probed the scene - interviewing its leading figures and visiting cult hangouts - that centred around people like Sevigny and Harmony Korine and caught everybody's imagination at the time, not least that of Larry Clark who decided to endorse the group of young talents by shooting "Kids". The rest is history, as we'd say if we wanted to use a cliché.

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