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“This is very, very personal.
I’m here because of my personal conviction about Barack Obama and what I know he can do for America.
For the very first time in my life,
I feel compelled to stand up and speak out for the man who I believe has a new vision for America.
I understand the difference between a book club and free refrigerators.
I understand the difference between that and this critical moment in our nation’s history.
I believe that Barack Obama will bring statesmanship to the White House.
I believe that he will lead with strength, conviction, honor and compassion.”

In my opinion, Hilary would win considering the recent poll.
But Oprah IS Oprah!!
She is a genius!!
Who knows?
Obama might min.
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  • ivyii38
  • i prefer hilary ha
  • hhalleberry
  • Me,too!!
    Maybe Oprah can be second chair of Hilary!!