Chloe Sevigny:
"I’m hoping one day I’ll be [laughs], this sounds silly, but you know how Wes Anderson hires Anjelica Huston in all of his movies?
Maybe when I’m an older woman there’ll be some hot young director that’ll go, ‘Remember that girl who was big in the 90’s?’ And hire me."

我有一個夢, 我希望有一天[呵呵]... 這聽起來很可笑, 但你知道韋思安德森總是請安潔莉卡演出他所有的電影?
也許當我變成老克以後, 會有燙手文藝青年導演情義相挺: 哼, 那就是九O年代最夯的時尚小克! 爽快僱用我.

安潔莉卡在<天才一族>飾演Margot Tenenbaum, 和小克於<雙面馬蓮達>皆穿著粉紅色外套, 真巧!
安潔莉卡側背愛馬仕柏金包(Hermes Birkin from Etheline), 略勝一籌

*There will be hot young directors wanted to hire you, darling. I promise.

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