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What about the first collection?


It's all about 90s. I guess I was thinking about junior high a lot. For both collections.


You find a lot of references in youth culture.


Well, it's your biggest self-discovery period. And at such a rapid pace.


So what comes after the 90s as a source of inspiration?


God, I don't know yet. I'm anti the whloe 80s craze, because all of those young kids are so into it.


So the 90s are a comfortable reference.


It's my youth. Your youth is always something you...No?

那是我的青春。你的青春期總讓你魂牽夢縈 ... 不是嗎?

Of course. But do you think it stops there, or does it keep going? You in particular because you're ...


A 90s icon? I was big in the 90s. Me and my friends always laugh about that. I'm so 90s. What's wrong with me? [laughs] Yeah, I never really thought about it. You think I need to move away from the 90s?


You don't need to move away from anything. I've always admired your choices.


But they're so inconsistent.


I never thought so.


I always think that they're so all over the map that I don't even understand why people think that I'm fashionable.


But there's always a wink or a clever references.


Is there? I hope so. You're putting a lot of pressure on me [laughs].


What do you think of self-reinvention?


As an actress, every role you're reinventing. And when you're a young person, you're constantly reinventing, from a hippie to a new-waver to a skater to a raver, or whatever. Just assuming different identities to find yourself.


You don't seem like someone who's interested in reinventing herself.


No, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am - for the most part.


What was the role you turn down in
Legally Blonde?


The Selma Blair character - the bitchy, preppy girl. I wished to God I had done that movie. I really fucked up with that one. Screwed the pooch. And also Drew Barrymore's Never Been Kissed. She offered me the Leelee Sobieski part, and I should done that, too.

哭哭,莎瑪布萊兒的正牌女友角色 - 那個很賤的書蟲型女孩。我好希望可以演【金髮尤物】阿!千金難買早知道。小克後悔到了無以附加的地步。還有茱兒巴莉摩的【一吻定江山】。茱兒好心邀我演莉莉索碧斯基的眼鏡妹角色。我應該答應的。


Why did you say no?


I said no to Legally Blonde because I was offered a play in New York, and I'd never do theater, and it was a Joe Orton play [What the Butler Saw]. It was off-Broadway and just something that I really wanted to do. The movie is so amusing and funny, and I can appreciate it now, but at the time I probably thought it was pretty corny.

我拒演【金髮尤物】,因為當時有人請我演舞台,在紐約。我從來沒有待過劇場,而且那是Joe Orton的百老匯奧比獎最佳外國編劇 - 【管家看見了什麼】。此劇剛下百老匯,我戲癮大發。我現在可以欣賞【金髮尤物】了,它很有趣,娛樂性十足。只因當時太年輕,小克大概覺得那不過是好萊塢陳腐公式。

Anna Wintour aka 穿著PRADA的惡魔

How close have you come to a Vogue cover?


Not very close. Because I've never had a big commercial film. I don't think I'm really an Anna girl, sadly. It doesn't seem like it. I don't think that I'm squeaky clean enough for her. Maybe I'm not pretty enough, She likes very pretty girls.


You're a very pretty girl. 


No Sienna Miller-style, though. She puts her on, like, every other week. And what's her name, with the jaw, the other pretty one: Keira Knightley. She always puts her on too. 

穿著PRADA的惡魔每半個月就讓裘德洛前女友上封面。還有那個 ... 就什麼來著?下顎需要矯正的美麗女孩:排骨精琪拉。她也常上封面,儘管她笑起來很醜。[*這句是我加的!]

You recently worked with Werner Herzog. 


I worked with him before on Julien Donkey-Boy. He played my father, which was terrifying. I think he was doing some kind of Method shit, because he was really mean to me the whole time and kind of chauvinistic. So I was really scared about working on My Son, My Som, What Have Ye Done. I didn't know what I was getting into. But we spoke on the phone before, and he seemed very kind and enthusiastic about me being in the project. I showed up and he was very gentle, and it was compeletely the opposite of the experience on Julien Donkey-Boy.


And David Lynch produced it. 


Yes. But, unfortunately, he didn't come to the set. 


You should do a fashion collaboration with him. 


You think? Maybe I'll look into it.



In 2010 you will be acting in Werner Herzog's "My son, my son, what have you done". What do you think of Herzog's work?

Herzog was very controlled, which surprised me. I thought that the environment would have been very loose, more improvisational. He had a very precise idea of how he wanted us to come out on the screen, where he wanted us to stand, how he wanted us to shift our head, all very exact, something I didn't expect. He also was very gentile, he would touch you so you knew he was there watching and I really liked that about him. He had this gentle side you usually don't see or hear often about him.



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