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I hate normality, maybe that's the reason I can't stand regular work schedule. But hey, didn't I enjoy Taiwan's education? Even though it's stressful and meaningless? I guess it's because back in the day ,we had purposes: a better high school, then, a better college. Stupid, but it kept us grounded. That's what happened, after college we have no stupid purpose, we must walk on our own, with bear hands, write our own story and draw new purposes. What is my purpose in life? I became Christina, I only know what I don't want.

Daisy is LOVE. But she is too sad to smile today. Her schedule after school is too crazy that she have 5 homeworks to write after 9 o'clock. Poor kids, she's only 11. Another 11-year-old girl in my class have to take tomorrow off to see a psychiatrist. And I learned that they never really read a book unrelated to school subjects. The Kids Are NOT Alright. When they say they are stressful, that they are busy, it's TRUE. Why do ppl always think, that because we are older, we know better? I never understand this shit. Sharing is much better than pushing and preaching. They should know better.

I think that,because I present a certain image among them, they presume that's what I am. But I am not. Can't you tell I am not pleased? Oh dear of course they don't. Ignorance and stubborness is what I dislike most about you. And a guy straight walk out of Noah Baumbach's pictures? Glad I didn't stay the whole day.

I love Joshua Ferris' "Then We Came To The End". It's a bit boring at first due to long descrptions, but in the end it's all worth it. YOU WILL NEVER LIKE YOUR JOB! Put this on your forehead 365 days! It all make sense to me now. it will never be fun. I'm just lucky I can do the things I like to do, for right now.

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  • ivyii38
  • "Another 11-year-old girl in my class have to take tomorrow off
    to see a psychiatrist." wow, really!? poor kid indeed. glad u r
    doin what you're like,you know my current job wont last forever,
    if it wasnt for money's sake, i even dont know why i'm doing
    here. but heey, i'm still young, can waste a few months or
    years. at least that's what i keep telling/convincing myself. no
    purposes, no aspirations (i think that is my main problem), no
    want nothing except for material desires; ugh, this hopeless
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