Dear Zachary:
you are the cutest boy I have ever seen, and you look just like your dad when he was little
yet there is something you do not know: your mother Shirley, killed your father


Uncle Kurt is a good friend of your dad--Andrew
They became best friend since first grade


After your dad was killed by your mother, and surprisingly did not go to prison while carrying you
Uncle Kurt, a filmmaker, decided to make this movie as a letter to you
He decided to do anything to tell you, how good a person your father was


While making the film, your heartbreaking grandparents--David and Kate, fight for your custody
But the law was VERY SLOW, the system did not favor them
In order to keep in touch with you, they stepped back with Shirley, the woman who killed their son
And it was really tough for them


But then something terrifying happened
Shirley killed you, at the beach, then committed suicide
You were only 13 months old
David, Kate and all of us broke down again

After you were killed, uncle Kurt cannot make the film anymore
It seemed meaningless
But your grandparents were still fighting
They became activists
And they changed the law on child care system
So, as Kurt said, this film is not about you anymore
It's about Kate and David

1040974884_dear zachary

震驚與大量的淚水, 可想而知
法律系統無法為Andrew的死主持公道, Shirley交保後無後顧之憂的返回加拿大;更無法保障Zachary的安全,而後者的死是可以避免的

"我曾經想等晚上Kate吃安眠藥睡覺後, 跑去把Shirley殺死; 這樣就算我進監獄, 完全不知情的Kate也可以擁有Zackary的監護權
我想了很多, 這是唯一的辦法. 因為我們的法律讓有殺人傾向的人逍遙法外. 法律無法保護我們, 我只能自己搞定."


電影裡面接受訪問的Andrew朋友, 幾乎都是在小學就認識的摯友(天阿!)
電影最後獻給Kate and David

I love this film. 這部片覺對有打敗<走鋼索的人>的實力, 拿下奧斯卡最佳紀錄片
但它連入圍都沒有, 真是可惜


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