By NICOLE HOMEWOOD (from the New York Post )

Grey's Anatomy started out as a fresh and quirky hospital drama that focused on the personal lives of the doctors rather than bizarre medical anomalies, 
but in recent seasons has distracted viewers with disturbing cases and depressing plot lines.

<實習醫生>一開始頗清新(!)及扭曲; 此劇專注於醫生們的愛情生活, 而非怪異的醫學病例. 必須承認這樣的醫院亂倫情節擄獲了觀眾的心
然而最近幾季, <實習醫生>"剪不斷, 理還亂"與令人失望的劇情, 已讓許多忠實粉絲心生厭惡[so true]

Desperate for a ratings boost, ABC has paired Grey's Anatomy with its spinoff, Private Practice
in a two-hour crossover event which will feature the return of Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) to Seattle Grace Hospital.

狗急跳牆, 為了要讓收視率重回昔日的威風, ABC電視台準備讓<實習醫生GA>與其姐妹劇, <診所私情PP>交叉
在兩個小時的交叉劇裡, 性感前妻Addie(oh~Kate!)會因為老哥的因素, 重回西雅圖葛莉斯醫院

The timing couldn't be worse for the show's main character, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). 
Despite its ups and downs, the only remnant of the good old days on Grey's Anatomy is the relationship between neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and resident Meredith.

這個時間點對於GA女主角Mer來說, 簡直是命中注定悲劇的開始
儘管經歷過風風雨雨, GA現在僅剩的光輝--神經科醫師Derek及第一年的住院醫師Meredith, 是讓劇迷勉為其難定期收看的主因 [not me]

Last week's episode, "
Beat Your Heart Out" was supposed to end with Derek's marriage proposal to Meredith, 
which would have been a landmark event for the series - and fans rooting for MerDer to find their version of happily ever after.

上個禮拜的GA, 本應該以Derek和Meredith求婚作結
這本來可以視為此影集的里程碑--因為大多數的影迷都希望MerDer能夠像童話一樣, 永遠幸福快樂

We say "Supposed to" because, alas, McDreamy's plan ultimately went awry when he received an urgent call from California - 
his ex-wife Addison begging for his help saving her brother Archer's life and setting up this week's
crossover special.

我們說"本來可以", 因為"夢幻先生"的求婚計畫被一通來自加州電話給搞砸了. 前妻Addie懇求他救她垂死的哥哥Archer一命. 這就是加叉劇的開始

Fans seem to cling to Derek and Meredith because the rest of the Grey's Anatomy world has fallen to pieces around them. 
Several original characters on the show have found their lines drastically reduced or rendered irrelevant.

劇迷對MerDer有超乎其然的忠誠度, 因為GA其他的角色都只會亂倫
影集一開始的幾個核心角色, 也因為某些因素而被大量刪減台詞, 甚至成為不重要的小角色.

George O'Malley, played by T.R. Knight, had the misfortune of being paired in one of the worst on-screen relationships ever with Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), 
and now it takes 30 minutes for him to even make an appearance in an episode.

由T.R. Knight飾演的George O'Malley就是此人. 他的角色和最佳好友Izzie開始了莫名奇妙的戀情. 現在在影集開始三十分鐘後你才會發現他的身影.

Reformed jerk/lothario Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), who's supposed to be in a relationship with Izzie now, also finds himself without a solid storyline.

浪子回頭/改過自新的Alex, 雖然和Izzie在交往, 卻也在角色發展上越來越站不住腳

Connecting the dots here is Izzie, who's gone from being one of the most emotionally riveting Grey's Anatomy cast members to a sigh-inducing spaz.

癥結點在Izzie. 她從最受觀眾喜愛的傻大姐, 變成讓人不斷嘆氣的角色.

It seems as though Grey's Anatomy writers, led by creator Shonda Rhimes, 
are exacting revenge on Heigl by giving her the worst storyline to date: a fling (yes, sex included) with her dead former patient and soulmate, Denny Duquette.

由Shonda帶領的GA作家群, 現在帶著報復心態惡整因為GA大紅大紫的演員Heigl; 他們讓她和死掉的未婚夫Denny談情說愛, 她不僅看/摸的到Denny,甚至還可以和他翻雲覆雨


Heigl made waves when she withdrew her name from Emmy contention last year saying that her character wasn't worthy, 
a slap in the face to Grey's Anatomy writers, including Rimes.

Heigl在去年自願退出艾美獎最佳女主角的競選名單, 因為她覺得她那季的角色寫的很差 [我支持Heigl的看法]
這樣的作法掀起了不小的風波, 對於GA作家群, 特別是Shonda來說, 更是火辣辣的一巴掌

She was rumored to have demanded more money and was really more interested in furthering her movie career than in developing Izzie's character.
It seems that Denny is finally out of the picture, but it's possible that we're seeing the beginning of the end of Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy.

耳語四起, 有人說Heigl要求支付她更多薪水; 比起Izzie的角色, 她花了更多心思於電影領域
現在Denny的鬼魂終於走了[走的很莫名奇妙,來的也莫名奇妙], 但我們也看到了Izzie離開GA的跡象

In last weeks episode, Izzie, convinced she was ailing, duped her interns into running a battery of tests. 
Her results indicated anemia, but they are delivered at the same time as a patient who gets a surprise cancer diagnosis.

上禮拜的劇集, Izzie已經相信自己生了重病, 要她的實習醫生幫她做一些檢測
她的檢驗結果是指示性貧血, 但因為她的報告和另外一個病人被診斷為癌症的檢驗報告一起送到, 真相似乎還很模糊

Old-fashioned TV savvy suggests that the test results might have been switched and that Katherine Heigl is soon headed for the Big Pink Slip.
Reportedly, Melissa George, who plays Meredith's resurfaced friend Sadie Harris, said of Rhimes, "She's really lovely, until she wants to punish you."

不少電視台認為GA最終會換掉Heigl, 讓她追求她的電影明星夢.
而已經在交叉劇結束後就被炒魷魚的Melissa George, 在GA飾演Mer以前的好朋友, 對於Shona的評價是: 她看起來人超好, 其實笑裡藏刀, 不折不扣的面善心惡.



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