記得第一部電影會神奇地決定了性格中的某些事情。那個記得並不代表那是生命當中的第一次觀影經驗,也不是某種品味的表露,而是記憶這件事情本身就是一種立場和態度。這世界上分成兩種人,看蔡明亮電影的人,以及還沒看過蔡明亮電影的人。會記得什麼樣的電影,就會變成什麼樣的大人。-- quoted 【李桐豪小說|瘋狂辦公室】第三回:大導演迷失處子身,小編輯情牽第一次




You could not imagine International acclaimed director Tsai Ming Liang remember such petite/bitchy things 10 years ago:

"Please do not write this. But 10 years ago I went to a University to sell movie tickets. There's only 6 people waiting for me in the auditorium. I felt baffled. Shortly after the lecture was over, I went to each classroom to knock on their doors. Professors greeted me with surprise: "Tsai San, what are you doing here?" "Please grant me a few minutes, let me promote my film." I said."

「我去賣票,最喜歡那種帶著小小朋友的家庭了。有一個父親說:『導演,我知道你是誰,好 我要買。但是我的小孩那麼小,看得懂嗎?』我說:『沒關係,我知道你也看不懂啊。』應該讓小朋友從小接受美好的東西,我的東西這麼好,怎麼可以沒人看呢?」
"I love selling tickets to family with little kids.I met a family by chance, the father said: "I know who you are, I would like to buy it. But will my kids understand? They are just kids." "Well, as an adult you wouldn't understand it anyway." Children should expose to great things at an early stage. My art is the just divine, it's offensive to be neglected!"

"I wish when children grew up, they'll watch my film. you guys look so young down there, did any one of you even seen my movie?"

But Tsai San, I am no longer a part of youth. I am 30 years old. I am old and ragged with a soul. 
But Tsai San, I seen almost every film of yours!(expect River and Stray Dogs)
You cannot abandon an old fan for some little brats! Oh no I felt you already did!

I am still here. But the director is elsewhere. This is the impression I had, when meeting the director for the first time.

"Please do not scold me on the Internet, or criticize my film," the director said.

"Who knew, the director is a bitch, too." My husband said, after walking out of the Museum alongside with me.
Maybe being a bitch is a must of being who Tsai San is.






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